FA-AA-1 Introduction to poultry production

  • Author:
    Aleksandar Andonov
  • Level:
    Basic skills
  • Study time:
     hours 0:27
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Course overview
Introduction to poultry production
  • Video time: 0:27 hours
  • Exams: No

Aleksandar Andonov

Content Provider and shareholder at FarmingAcademy.
About Aleksandar 
Content provider and Shareholder at FarmingAcademy. Macedonian national, born in 1969 is a doctor of veterinary medicine who graduated from the University of Zagreb, with 20+ years of experience in food animal production and health. He specializes in the field of animal nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Belgrade, with 15+ years of experience as an animal nutritionist and in-depth expertise in Poultry nutrition/production/health management.