FA-JJ-81 Two days challenge to set up your social media profile

  • Author:
    Jeanette Johnsen
  • Level:
    Basic skills
  • Study time:
    10:00 hours
Course overview
Are you ready to go from motivating ideas to ready tools to open up your own business?

In two daily sessions, you are going to:

Build your social media profile.

You will need to be serious, motivated, listen, learn  and do your best work. I will share my skills and experience with you, and make sure you will be well prepared to set up your social media profile for your own business.

Are you up for the challenge?
  • 4:00 Hours
  • Exams: Yes

Jeanette Johnsen

Content Provider, Head editor and founder of FarmingAcademy.
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Founder and Head Editor of Farmingacademy.eu. Born in Denmark in 1970. Master's degree in Animal Science (Candidatus Agromae) from The University of Copenhagen, Life Science in 2000.