Situational Leadership

  • Author: The Change Leaders
  • Level: introduction
  • Study time: 45 min
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Course overview
Situational leadership is an approach to deal with the challenges of the diversity in leading others to success. Together with horses we give insights you´ll never forget.

During THE HORSE ASSISTED EDUCATION WEEK 2021 we give you the opportunity to join for free if you help us by giving feedback to develop the course even more. ENROLL, make an account at Farming Academy (its free) and put in the coupon "I-will-give-feedback" and you´ll there!

Situational Leadership - The path to make the art of change easier and funnier! 
  • Video time: 45 min
  • Exams: none

The Change Leaders

Content Provider at Farming Academy
About The change leaders
The Change leaders:

5 women from 5 different countries have made this unique course. We work collaboratively to effectively bring the horses in to the virtual world.

Alice, Isabelle, Nikki, Steffanie and Sylvia