FA-JJ-20 Introduction to the production year in sheep farming

  • Author:
    Jeanette Johnsen
  • Level:
    Basic skills
  • Study time:
    1:13 hours
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Course overview
The time of the year in the sheep herd is reviewed with a focus on the important tasks of each period.

The barren period is the start of the year's production in a sheep herd. The flushing is preparation for the lambing, which is followed by the gestation period, and this is completed by the lambing.

After lambing, the lactation period takes over the lamb's initial nutrition, first with milk as the main source of nutrition, but in the period up to weaning, the lambs will have an increased intake of other feed.

After weaning, the sheep return to the barren period, and the lambs may need final feeding up to slaughter or admission into the breeding group.

  • Video time: 1:13 hours
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