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The lectures

The first lectures in every topic is a general introduction to the topic (basic skills) and a guideline to the lectures, courses and study groups. In the introductions the user will be able to evaluate the content of the lectures, courses and study groups.

Lectures are 20 - 70 minutes that will lead the user through the theoretical background for a subject, and for some subject give the foundation to follow the next lecture in the same subject. The more advanced lectures will build upon the knowledge obtained in the previous lecture. 

Study groups are live sessions with direct two-way communication between teacher and students. The group size is relatively small to give high value to the participants. This groups can if the students want it be formed by students that have geographic location or similar productions in common. The number of sessions can vary according to what the group need.

Exams in various topics can follow the lectures and when passed a diploma, that contains information on the student’s identity proved by passport, the level of the study – topics included in the exam – grade and the identity of the teacher and controlling examiner, will be issued and send online to the student.

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